This is my Performance Comparison of 7 Asus/ROG Graphics cards including:
DirectCU II OC Edition: R9 290x, R9 290, GTX 780Ti & GTX 780
Matrix Platinum 280x
Poseidon Platinum 780 – Full Review
Mars 760 – Quick Look

This is my first proper GPU video! So feedback is of course welcome, but please go easy on me as they don’t exactly teach this stuff in school lol.

Pricing & Availability:
(UK) DirectCUII GTX 780ti OC Edition
(US) DirectCUII GTX 780ti OC Edition
(UK) Poseidon Platinum GTX 780
(US) Poseidon Platinum GTX 780
(UK) DirectCUII GTX 780 OC Edition
(US) DirectCUII GTX 780 OC Edition
(UK) ROG Mars 760
(US) ROG Mars 760
(UK) DirectCUII R9 290x OC Edition
(US) DirectCUII R9 290x OC Edition
(UK) DirectCUII R9 290 OC Edition
(US) DirectCUII R9 290 OC Edition
(UK) Matrix Platinum R9 280x

Explanation as to why only Asus graphics cards are shown in this video:

The fact that this video only shows Asus card’s, isn’t that I am bias towards Asus. It’s that I only had Asus cards available at the time of making this video. If I had MSI, Sapphire, Gigabyte, etc, cards here then I would of included them in the video as well.
I have been offered the opportunity to do graphics card reviews in the past by other vendors, however I have always had to say no, because I didn’t have any appropriate cards to compare against and channels my size don’t usually get the chance to borrow additional GPU’s ontop of the one that they’re reviewing.
However now that I have the beginning of a benchmark database, it means that I can accept GPU reviews from all different manufacturers from now on!
Also I am in talks with MSI now, as they noticed me posting loads of Asus GPU pictures on FB, so hopefully we’ll see some videos on their GPU’s soon too.