It’s been several years since Corsair released the 800D, which was a large case that instantly became a very popular choice for modders and watercoolers. However there was two major complaints with the 800D, firstly it suffered from poor airflow, only having one intake fan at the bottom of the case. Secondly the 800D could only fit one 360mm radiator without modding. That really meant there was no justification for its large size as now days you can fit 360mm radiators in some mid and even small micro-atx cases (like Fractals Arc Mini R2). With that in mind Corsair aren’t taking any chances with the 900D. It’s larger than the 800D but every possible area has been optimised for watercooling radiator support but can also support an insane amount of fans for great air cooling as well.


Dimensions: 27.2” x 9.9” x 25.6”
MB Support: ATX, EATX, HPTX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX
Expansion Slots: 10
Form Factor: Full-tower (under-statement)
Material: Brushed aluminium front fascia with full cast aluminum surround structure front and rear
Drive Bays: (x9) 3.5″” Internal Upgradable to fifteen total (requires purchasing two additional cages) (x4) 5.25″” (x3) hot-swap bays
Cooling: (x3) 120mm AF120L Fans (x1) 140mm AF140L exhaust fan Up to fifteen total fan mount locations
Front I/O: (x4) USB 2.0 (x2) USB 3.0
Power Supply: ATX (not included)
Warranty: Two years


To ensure I cover everything this huge case has to offer, I’ve split the review into 3 parts. It isn’t essential to the review to watch part 2 though as this is just a bonus video showing the review system being built.

Part 1: Case Overview
In this part I just take you for a look around the empty case, covering all it’s features and capabilities. I also talk about my initial thoughts on what Corsair have done right and wrong with the 900D.

Part 2: Time-lapse Build
In this part, I do a fast motion build in the 900D, so you can see what it’s like working inside the case.

Part 3: Conclusion
I take you for a look around the finished build, talking about any problems that you could come across whilst working in the case and conclude my thoughts on it.

A Few Final Thoughts:

The 900D is Corsair’s largest case, capable of fitting up to 5x radiators in it at the same time, HPTX Motherboards, and the longest graphics cards. Apart from the slightly restricted PCI-e mounts, the 900D was a pleasure to work in and is a really great case overall, there were some area’s where I felt that quality wise, the case didn’t quite live up to it’s Obsidian name. However, if you prefer larger builds and have the money to spend, I would definitely recommend the 900D to you and feel the case is worthy of my Creamy award!

The Corsair Obsidian 900D, received the Creamy Award!

Thank you to Corsair for supplying the Obsidian 900D for review!

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