Here is my review of the Ducky DK9008 Shine 2 Mechanical Keyboard! ^-^

This is the first mechanical keyboard review that I have ever done, so please go easy on me and let me know if there was anything I missed!!

The Shine 2 features N-Key rollover, 6 different light settings and the ability to have 2 different lighting profiles saved on the in-built memory.

The Shine 2 is definitely a beautiful, well-built keyboard, worthy of my Sweet Award!

The board I looked at in the video uses Cherry MX Brown switches and pink LED’s, but the Shine 2 is also available with Blue, Clear, Red and Black switches and Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and White LED’s.

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Along side the Shine 2 review, I also did a kind of bonus video, in which I overview a set of Ducky ABS Grey Keycaps and customize the Shine 2 with them:

I have to say I really love how the Shine 2 looks with the grey keycaps and presume they will look just as good on the yotS Ducky Shine 3 that I am hoping to get to review. 😉

The Ducky DK9008 Shine 2, received the Sweet Award!

Thank you to BosseComputers for supplying the Ducky Shine 2 for review.

Pricing & Availability:

The Ducky Shine 2 retails at around £120 in the UK at the time of this review and is available to purchase from Overclockers UK.

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  1. Mallo

    Sweet award, well deserved!

    This keyboard is absolutely mindblowing!
    It is a bit in the pricey range of keyboards, but the amount of features packed into this humble, simple, sleek looking keyboard is absolutely worth every dime.

    You did a great review on this keyboard, Lauren. Definitely enjoyed it. Although we are not completely on par with the opinions of the keycaps, well, everybody has their own taste.(pun intended) 😛

    Would love to see more keyboard reviews from you Lauren! 😀


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