In this video I take a look at Phobya’s UC-2 LT CPU waterblock, just quickly covering a few of its features and then showing the fitting process (on an Asus Maximus VI Impact motherboard).

The specific block in Phobya’s waterblock range that I look at in this video is the Plexi version, with a silver nickel heat plate, but you do have the option of getting it in either black plastic or metal instead and also have the option of switching the silver nickel base out for copper, the trade off being that the silver nickel looks better but doesn’t transfer heat quite as well as copper (although the different in heat transfer is supposedly, pretty much un-detectable anyway).

It is important to note that when using one of Phobya’s LT CPU blocks, such as the plexi one, that you shouldn’t use a fitting with a thread longer than 5mm, or over-tighten it, because you can crack the plastic which could cause leaks.

You also shouldn’t use a spatchula (spanner) to try to tighten it. *facepalm* (Thank you to Matt Palmer for making this picture after watching the video!)

Also the block I look at in the video, comes with a mounting kit for Intel sockets only and if you are using an AMD CPU/APU then you will need to get the version with the appropriate mounting kit.

I have to admit when I originally saw the plexi version of the block in pictures, I was not sold on it at all and thought it looked a-little tacky, however in person it is very beautiful, in some lights looking almost like iced glass and then in other lights looking like a CPU block shaped gummy sweet! And even though I used the block in a small loop to show how it looks with the coolant inside, I can’t wait to see how it looks in an actual finished build! ^-^

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In the video I look at the UC-2 version which is the second revision of the block, but over a year ago I did an exclusive first look at Phobya’s UC-1 LT Black Plastic version, with the copper base, which you can find here if you are interested. (The competition that I mention in the video is no longer running.)

I also used the Phobya UC-1 LT Plastic CPU Block in Project Run (where I watercooled my Fractal Design Arc Mini HTPC) and you can check out those video’s if you’re curious to see how the block looks in a full rig.
(Part 1 = Covering my plan for the loop)
(Part 2 = Installing the loop).

Thank you to Aquatuning for supplying both the UC-2 LT Plexi and the UC-1 LT Plastic, Phobya CPU waterblocks! ^-^
Pricing & Availability:
The different blocks in Phobya’s range are currently priced from £41-£63 and are available from Aquatuning as well as other watercooling retailers.

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